A Complete list of all those who sailed on the General Grant

Crew List

Capt William H Loughlin     

First Mate Bartholomew Brown                     Boston

Mrs N Brown (Wife)

Scond Mate B or D Jones    

H W Caton

F C Collin

I Davidson

S Dodd

Corneleus Drew        Able Seaman                Melbourne 

W Dutnold   

William Fergusson    Able Seaman                 Scotland

Aaron Hayman         Ord Seaman                  

T Jackson

Joseph Jewell            Able Seaman                Devon

Mary Ann Jewell        Wife                              Manchester

P A Lacon

Peter NcNevin            Able Seaman                Islay

David McClelland (61) Able Seaman               Glasgow 

P McMillan

D Mathew

N Milligan

Andrew Morrison      Able Seaman                  Glasgow

William M Sanguily (8) Ord Seaman                Boston

William Newton Scott (26) Able Seaman        South Shields

P Smith

J Turner

S Whitney


Cabin Class

Rev Father Paul Sarda SM (33)                               France

Mr J Edel (30)                                                      England

Mr William Deans                                                 England

Mrs Elizabeth Oat (32)                                          England

Miss Mary Oat (6)                                                England

Miss Rosella Oat (4)                                             England

Miss Ada Oat (3)                                                 England

Miss Elizabeth Oat (1)                                          England

Mr Frederik Johnstone (42) Lt Col of Raglan (Bengal Army)                               

Mr John Tebbutt (35)                                           England

Mr John Woodrow (19)                                        England

Mr A Morini (25)                                                 Italy/Swiss

Mr Emile Morini (1)                                             Italy/Swiss

Mr William Ray (35)                                             Cumberland

Mrs W Ray (30)                                                   Westmorland


Nicholas Allen (28)                                         England. Miner

Mrs Rose Allen (25)                                            England

Mary Allen (8)                                                    England

Margaret Allen (3)                                              England

Josephine Allen (1)                                            England

David Ashworth (30)                                      England. Miner

James Barry (31)                                                Irish. Labourer

Thomas Batchelor (21)                                        English. Miner

James Bayles (28)                                               England. Merchant

Patrick Caughey (34)                                      Newcastle. Co Down. Miner

William Frost (40)                                              England. Miner

Matthew Hamilton                                              England. Miner

John Harvey (28)                                               England. Miner

Richard Jefferies (42)                                         England. Miner

P Kelly (32)                                                       Ireland. Miner

H Kent (25)                                                       England. Miner

K Krentz (25)                                                     Germany. Miner

Auguste Lanson (46)                                          France. Farmer

Clemeace Lanson (40)                                        France (Wife)

George Lanson (20)                                            France

Emily Lanson (11)                                              France

Clemeance Lanson (3)                                        France

Arthur Lanson (1)                                              France

W Main (28)                                                      Scotland. Miner  

A Mitchell (28)                                                  Miner

Charles Newman (32)                                        England. Miner 

Francis Oldfield (30)                                          England

Sarah Oldfield (26)                                            England

Frederick Oldfield (11)                                       England

Ernest Oldfield (10)                                           England

Elizabeth Roberts (31)                                       England

Francis Roberts (3)                                            England

Ann Roberts (2)                                                England

John Roberts (1)                                               England

Caroline Smith (28)                                           England

Elizabeth Smith (7)                                            England

William Smith (5)                                              England

William Stevenson (34)                                      England. Miner

James Teer (34)                                       Newcastle. Co Down. Miner

Samuel Templeton (35)                                     England. Miner

P Wise (25)                                                       Miner


*  Survived Wreck