October 2019 

Had a very busy couple of months, including a trip to Devon. Managed to locate some more family resting places including in the churchyard a Woolsfardisworth a few miles from Clovelly. Could not believe my luck the first headstone I looked at on the left after passing through the gates was my G3 grandparents.John Corey and Honor Burnard. 



 The Church is an excellent source of information. Books are laid out showing the list of people buried and the location. I just wish I had more time. The service is provided free but there is a box for donations to help cover costs. A number of Jewells,  and many others buried here.


All Hallows Church 

I also visited my grandmothers grave in the cemetery at Northam  just outside Bideford. And as always my G2 Grandparents grave in Bideford. I have been concerned for while about the ever increasing angle at which the headstone sits. It was definitely in need of some TLC.


Ethel Marion Phillips (Granddaughter of  William Parkin & Eliza Jewell) and my Grandmother

Grave at Northam Church 


Grave of William Parkin & Eliza Jewell

Eliza was eldest daughter of  John & Thomazine Jewell, and older brother of Joseph and Edwin Jewell 


Fortunately on this visit I was able to meet a great gentleman by the name of Bob Ferguson (Fergie) who lives in the gatehouse and looks after the cemetery, a fellow veteran like myself, we got on very well. He allowed me to see the burial entries in the ledger and even showed me the cost of each of their funeral. £14 for William Parkin and £13 for Eliza (nee Jewell). Sounds like a lot of money in those days. The outcome was that he is going to arrange for the grave top to be filled to an even surface, the surround cleaned and the headstone straightened. He has promised to send me a photo when this is completed. Great News.

I had hoped for my wife Morag and myself to meet up with Jake Robison and his wife Susan, (descendant of Edwin Jewell,) who are visiting from Australia, to meet up at Clovelly but unfortunately our dates just did not work out. However we did manage to catch up with them on the riverside at Exeter. Great to meet such lovely distant cousins and exchange stories

The previous day we managed to spend a couple of hours in Clovelly. It was a bit of a shock to walk down the main street after its renovation following a bad flood. The old cobbled surface had been worn down by hundreds of years of wear and was not bad to walk on. However the new cobbled surface is not good for old bones and it took us a good time to reach the harbour. Very sad to see White Cottage empty. On our last visit we spent a good while visiting Sheila Ellis and studying he massive family tree on the wall. 


White Cottage on Left 

 We never visit Clovelly without dining at 'Hoops' Thatched coaching Inn just down the road en route to Bideford. If you are down that way Do Not Miss It.


Hoops a number of years ago. Not changed much although the main road has! 



July 2019

his week has provided some very interesting material. 
Firstly I received from Jake Robison some excellent news regarding the final resting place of Mary Ann Jewell. He tells me that this discovery was prompted by Sally Priestley (nee Ellis).
 I think most of us have recorded that she was buried in the cemetery at Port Fairy. But to date I have not heard of anyone who knew the exact location of her grave.
 I am informed by Jake of the following details:

Died: 9 November 1907.
Port Fairy Hospital
Buried - Port Fairy Public Cemetery
 4pm 10 November 1907
in a common grave number 140.
The Reverend W Fenton officiating.

The grave is in the Presbyterian section. Her internment was the last of three. 
Register of death at Port Fairy 2125/1907

 The Port Fairy Cemetery Trust  have agreed to a Memorial of black granite being place at the grave, Providing that the other two persons buried in the grave ae also recorded.
 To that end a stone as follows will be place at the grave.






Heroic survivor with her husband Joseph
 of the 1866 wreck of the General Grant

AUG. 1906.  Aged 76.
 JAN 1907. 7 WEEKS

Please Note: This is NOT an exact copy of the stone. Font may vary. but detail I believe to be correct

Also this week from I received a very welcome response to my article on this web site.
Unknown Photographs from the Album of Thomazine Jewell Jr (see Menu)
From Christine Campbell (descended from Joseph Jewell through Mary Constance.
 Christine drew my attention to a photograph I have seen many times but with the caption Mary Ann Jewell in old age. I print it below.

Christine informs me that she believes this to be a picture of

Thomazine Jewell (Joseph Jewells Mother).

She was informed by Shelagh Sansom, Joseph Jewell visited his mother just before she died in 1895. 
This photo has Connie's writing on the back - Mrs Jewell 53 years ago. So it is unlikely to be Mary Ann Jewell.   I also note it was produced in Bideford. 
Christine also points out the strong likeness to one of my photos in my unknown photo section.  Also notes that Joseph would certainly have brought back a picture of his Mother,
Armed with this information I produced similar sized Photos of  My unknown lady - the above photo - Mary Ann Jewell in later life. See below.


           From Below                    Photo in Question                Mary Ann Jewell


Could this be John and Thomazine Jewell of Clovelly ? 

I would ask all of you to give me your thoughts.

Please email me Philip Boulton


Many thanks to
Christine Campbell 
Jake Robison 
Sally Priestley
Shelagh Sansom
Anyone else who had an input into either of these items 


23 June 2019
Today I have published an interesting old newspaper article on page 26 
Rescue Ship
Also I have added a small simple family Tree showing my relationship to Joseph & Mary Jewell on pag.e 28
A lot of new material will be added over the next few weeks. Including the history of search and salvage attempts

November 2018

OK. After a long problem with arthritis, a broken leg. a broken finger and torn ligaments in my knee  I am back fighting fit.
I am pleased to report that I have had an email from James (Jake) Robison in Australia. He is a descendant of Edwin Jewell, Joseph Jewells brother and co mining partner prior to Joseph sailing on the ill fated General grant.
Along with a lot of other information (which I am processing right now) he gave me some very pleasing news.
About three years ago he had repair and maintenance carried out on both Joseph's and Edwin's tombs. This included mending a broken rail, securing the headstone and dressing with new marble chipping  
I include a photograph below of the site following the repairs. These were taken a few weeks ago whilst Jake was fishing along the Loddon river.
I am sure all Jewell descendants would join me in thanking him for this excellent contribution to preserving our family history.

 The Repaired and renovated burial site.

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