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JUNE 2017


New update very soon


September 2015 

This month recorded the 8000 visitor to this site. which just goes to show the interest there still is in this subject even after 150 years since the loss of the General Grant. This year I will be adding a lot more material to this site please keep looking.


December 2014 

I have today updated the section 'Those who were lost' to include some information about the Rev Paul Sarda 

 November 2014

I am grateful to Barrie Montgomery for sending me additional photographs of the Elizabeth Oat Memorial at Arbroath Abbey. I have published the best one in the 'those who were lost section'. This shows the memorial in its new location by the old main gates.

August 2014 

  I have recently been looking in more detail at the final years of James Teer. He is buried in Arawat Graveyard at Port Jackson, which is now known as the Pioneer Cemetery. After many years of neglect the site was totally overgrown and almost inaccessible. But now thanks to a few dedicated volunteers has been reopened and a large number of graves cleared and identified. Sadly James Teers is not one of them. Even with a massive amount of work completed one can still see the devastation caused by the undergrowth. See the chapter 'Final Resting Place'  Philip

April 2014 

Today I am pleased to say the memorial plate to the Oat family which I was unable to locate has been found and photographed by Mr Barrie Montgomery. This can be seen in the 'Those who were lost section. 

Also I publish a picture of Richard Gould in old age - see Richard Gould Section

In addition to the story of James Teer's watch I publish the crew list of the 'Tartar'. 

 February 2014

I am currently negotiating the licence to include on this web site a handwritten letter from David Ashworth to the sister of William Newton Scott. This letter was  one of a number written  to William's family following the rescue of the survivors from the Auckland Islands. I have also researched a fair amount of material about William Newton Scott which I will publish in the near future.

I was very interested to note that he was born and lived only a few streets away from where my grandfather was raised. 

It is amazing that further material continues to come to light.

 If you have any information no matter how small about any of the crew or passengers on the General Grant please get in touch. I have no doubt that much valuable material has been lost forever because it was not shared.

I continue to run this site at my own personal expense and do so because so many people enjoy reading about this fantastic story.

Please Please HELP if you can with any information you may have - I will be happy to add your name to the list of contributors. 

 You may be surprised to hear I run more than one web site

And it is possible that if you enjoy historic stories you may be interested in reading another of my research subjects 

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