A very interesting find


I am grateful to Mr Mark Howard for sending me this newspaper article from 'THE AGE' Melbourne. Which appeared on 30 January 1871. (p.3,)


"A strange waif of the sea has recently been purchased by Mr Hart. At the OLD Curiosity Shop, at the corner of the arcade, Melbourne. It is a boat-shaped piece of wood picked up on the coast of New Zealand some months since, and it bears this inscription:- 

                    "Ship Gen. Grant, wrkd Auckland Isles, May 14 1865 -

                      10 survivers on Enderbys. Dec 1867. Want Relief "


The authenticity of this little piece of wood is apparent, it having been thoroughly waterworn, and presenting all the appearance of having been immersed for years.

As there is thought to be a survivor of the wreck resident near Melbourne, he is requested to call and identify it, if possible."


The Picture below I have inserted as I believe it to be the item described in the newspaper article mentioned above.