List of Contributors

I wish to thank everyone who has helped me research and compile this record of the loss of the 'General Grant', the lives of those associated with her, and their families. Not least those who dared to try and locate her and her gold.

Without whom much of this story would have been lost forever. 

The list is in no particular order. 

My mother Emma Doreen Boulton who introduced me to this facinating story. How she would have loved to see this article.

My cousin Shelagh Sansom  descendant of William Jewell, Master Mariner, and brother of Joseph Jewell. For heading me in the right direction to establish my link to the Jewells.

My cousin Sheila Ellis, descendant of John Jewell, brother of Joseph Jewell. Who kindly supplied me with all her research material on the Jewell family. 

To all the Jewells of Devon for inviting me to the Jewell family reunion, allowing me to see their individual family histories. Also for the conducted tour of the Clovelly churchyard. How kind you all were. 

My first cousin June Wiggins for all her help in sharing her family history records. Her help has been invaluable. And for her long suffering acceptance of my long periods of absence when get involved in other thing and neglect to keep in touch.

My distant cousin Rhonda Robertson of Wee Waa, Australia. For all the information on the Descendants of the Jewells in Australia, Also for allowing me access to her family history web site. 

Elliot W Dawson of the Museum of New Zealand. Te Papa.Tongarewa. Wellington. for his kind words about this site and for supplying information about the Auckland Islands. 

Varity Keith for supplying me with a great deal of information about Elizabeth Oat, who was lost in the shipwreck along with her four daughters.

Rob Suisted of Nature's Pic Images New Zealand for permission to publish his photograph of the graveyard on the Auckland Islands. Visit

Roland  Torrens for putting me in touch with his brother Derek Torrens who is custodian of the Richard Gould Letters.

Derek Torrens  Who has kindly supplied me with a complete transcript of all the letters written to recover the James Teer watch from china. This was a massive task as the record of the letters filled five volumes of notebooks. Also for permission to use his letters and photographs which will be published very soon.

Bill Burnett of Hamilton. Montana. USA. (Burnett Video Productions) custodian of the Kelly Tarlton General Grant Archive. For allowing me to use the pictures of 'The Cave of Death'and 'The Survivors Camp'. Also for his words of encouragement.

Taimi Antigua Lorenzo from Cuba for supplying information about William Sanguilly and his family. 

Gian Keller of Germany who's interest has extended to opening his own 'General Grant' web site in German. visit

Trevor Moody and his wife Elizabeth (nee Teer) for providing interesting information on the Teer family. James Teer was Elizabeth's uncle. She was brought up in Newcastle close to where James Teer and Patrick Caughey were raised. 

Antonia James for her help in tracing the James Teer watch. Keep watching for more updates soon.

Sue Clements for suplying the story of her father in law, John Clement's attempt to salvage the 'General Grant' which will appear later.

Mark Myers for permission to use his fantastic picture of the 'General Grant' which I have used in the Joseph Jewell letter chapter.

Elizabeth Wood - Great,great niece of Aaron Hayman,  for supplying information about Aaron and photographs of his final resting place in Eaglehawk.

June Huntingdon - of Accrington near Clayton le Moors for information on the Ashworth family and opening up new lines of research for me

Ewart Baldwin - of Frome in Somerset, for allowing me access to the family photographs.

Carolyn Thompson - for providing information on William Sanguily and for the great picture of him shown on 'The Survivors a new life'.

Barrie Montgomery - For providing the photograph of The Oat Family Memorial

Oliver La Bonte - For providing information on the passage of David Ashworth from the UK to Australia.

Garry Coombs - For details of the Ray Family

Fran Bell - For details of the Jewells of Clovelly

Katherine Blakeley - For details of the Jewells of Clovelly

Mark Howard - For details of Rescue mail boats sent by survivors 

Randy Hardy - Details of the Cox Family 

Jacky Gurney - Information of William Jewell (Capt)

Kay & Andy Grzadka - News of the William Murdoch Sanguilly family.

John McCrystal - Great Information on Searches for the General Grant.

Paula Bailey - Information of the Jewell family 

John Preston - For details of the Newton Scott family.

Carole Neale - Information of the Ray family. 

Ian Gunter - Information of the Jewells 

Jake Robison - Information of Edwin Jewell the Australian Jewell family. 

Lorraine Lund - Details of the Jewell Family in Devon

Christine Campbell - Information of the Jewell family in Australia

Sally & Steve Priestley - Information about the Jewel family of Clovelly

Everyone who has sent an email to show their appreciation

and enjoyment gained from this web site.

If I have been remiss in not listing your name as a contributor please

email me and I will put it right.