The 'General Grant' The Begining

 The General Butler sister ship to the General Grant
The General Grant was built  R. Morse & Sons On the Kennebec River at Bath. Maine.
She was a three masted sailing ship, listed as class A, built of oak with copper & iron fastenings. (copper below the water line).
The final weight was listed as 1103 tons and graded as a 7 year ship.
The overall dimentions were as follows:
Length         179ft 6ins      54.5m
Beam           34ft 6ins      10.3m
Depth           21ft 6ins      6.4m  
Cost             $81,166.32
Date of completing            Spring 1864
The General series of ships built by Morse & Sons were
General Butler           1862
General Shepley         1862
General Grant            1864
General Chamberline   1869
The General Grant was launched directly into the Kennebec River in early 1864, and began fitting out ready for her maiden voyage.
She was loaded